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1200 sqft ADU Floor Plan

1200 sqft ADU Floor Plan

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3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and style with our 1200 sqft ADU Floor Plan, tailored for homeowners seeking a spacious and luxurious accessory dwelling unit. This expansive layout offers unparalleled features:

  1. Three-Bedroom Design: Ideal for larger families or frequent guests, providing ample personal space.
  2. Spacious Living Room: A vast area for comfortable lounging and entertaining.
  3. Gourmet Kitchen: A chef's dream with high-end appliances, large countertops, and ample storage.
  4. Dedicated Dining Area: Perfect for family meals or dinner parties.
  5. Master Suite: A luxurious bedroom with a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom featuring premium fixtures.
  6. Two Additional Bedrooms: Perfect for children, guests, or as home offices.
  7. Two Full Bathrooms: Elegantly designed for convenience and style.
  8. Laundry Room: A separate utility area for household chores.
  9. Outdoor Living Space: Options for a patio or deck, enhancing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.
  10. Customization Flexibility: Tailor finishes, fixtures, and layout to your preferences.
  11. Sustainable Living Features: Incorporate solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and eco-friendly materials.
  12. Elegant Integration: Crafted to complement your main residence's architecture and aesthetics.

This floor plan is more than just an ADU; it's a statement of luxury and practicality, offering a perfect blend of privacy and sophistication.

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Why Choose This ADU Plan Set

Opting for a pre-designed ADU plan is a cost-effective and accessible solution for various income levels, offering top-notch designs at a reduced cost. This particular ADU is ideal for use as a rental, Airbnb, or guest house, offering an easy and budget-friendly construction process. Its small size allows it to easily fit in most backyards.

While a tailor-made ADU could consume around 10% of your total budget, usually ranging from $10,000 to $30,000, choosing a pre-made plan can lead to substantial savings. Furthermore, these plans also expedite the process, as most of the design phase has already been completed, saving you valuable time.

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What's Included with Your ADU Plan Purchase?

When you buy an ADU plan, you receive a downloadable ZIP file. This file contains a PDF of your chosen design and Source files for detailed viewing. The included drawing set comprises:

  • Cover Sheet: Shows a perspective image of the ADU design and the title block.
  • Notes, Terms & Conditions: Outlines the usage terms of these drawings.
  • Legends, Schedules, and Standards: Contains all notations, abbreviations, and definitions used in the drawings, along with schedules for doors, windows, and rooms.
  • Plans: Detailed drawings with dimensions of all rooms, their sizes, and specific plan details, including roof and foundation plans.
  • Elevations: External views of the ADU, illustrating features like siding, windows, and doors.
  • Interior Elevations: Depicts the primary interior walls of the bathroom and kitchen, highlighting the placement of fixtures, tiles, etc.
  • Details: Detailed drawings that describe the construction and assembly of key ADU features.

What else you will need

Each property/lot is distinct, with varying local laws and regulations. It's crucial to verify that the design you select complies with the rules applicable to your property. You might also need to consult with structural engineers or other specialists to fulfill local regulatory demands. Furthermore, we suggest enlisting the services of a local designer, architect, engineer, or general contractor. They can aid in navigating the permitting process and making any necessary modifications to secure permit approval.